Social Security Disability
      Veteran's Disability 
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Our Goal is to Help YOU Be Successful in Your Disability Claim

       Social Security Disability       
Veteran's Disability 
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Are you disabled?  Are you unable to work?  
Are you lost in the paperwork required to 
file for disability benefits?  

If you answered YES to these questions, Welcome to the Disability Help Center.

Aided by volunteers and disability specialists, the Disability Help Center has successfully helped thousands
 of people receive Social Security Disability, SSI and Veteran's Disability Benefits.  

With locations in California and Arizona, the Disability Help Center supports members of our community in their
 time of need.  The staff at the Disability Help Center works 
tirelessly in aiding the disabled to receive their
Social Security Disability and Veteran's benefits.

The Disability Help Center does not discriminate.  Our free services are available to people of all races, creeds, and religions.
 Our purpose is to support our fellow citizens and serve as a guiding light.


Resources Offered 
We help with the following:

 * Social Security Disability



ALJ hearing preparation

Specialized medical forms

Library of community Resources

* Veteran's Disability Questions